IEEE INFOCOM 2006 Global Internet Workshop April 28-29, 2006

9th IEEE Global Internet Symposium 2006

IEEE Global Internet 2006 - 28 & 29 April 2006

Organized by the IEEE Communications Society Internet Technical Committee

In Conjunction with IEEE INFOCOM 2006
Barcelona, Spain, 28 & 29 April 2006


IEEE Global Internet 2006 aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to present and discuss advances in Internet-related technologies. The focus of the symposium is on experimental systems and on emerging Internet technologies. The workshop aims to present innovative work about the future of the Internet, providing a platform for progressive position papers, and promising work in progress.



Day 1: Friday, 28 April 2006


9:00-9:10 Welcome

Opening Remarks by the Symposium Co-Chairs

Georg Carle ( University of Tübingen ), Pablo Rodriguez Rodriguez (Microsoft Research, Cambridge )

9:10-10:30 Session 1: Topology and Measurements

Capturing the variability of Internet flows across time
Jörg Wallerich, Anja Feldmann (Technical University Munich)

DipZoom; The Internet Measurements Marketplace
Michael Rabinovich, Sipat Triukose, Zhihua Wen, Limin Wang (Case Western Reserve University)

Sampling Techniques for Large, Dynamic Graphs
Daniel Stutzbach ( University of Oregon ), Reza Rejaie ( University of Oregon ),
Nick Duffield, Subhabrata Sen, Walter Willinger (AT&T Labs -Research)


Coffee Break (30')


11:00 - 12:45 Session 2: Peer-to-Peer I

Impact of Inner Parameters and Overlay Structure on the Performance of BitTorrent
Guillaume Urvoy-Keller, Pietro Michiardi (Institut Eurecom)

PULSE, a Flexible P2P Live Streaming System
Fabio Pianese, Joaquin Keller ( France Telecom R&D Division), Ernst W. Biersack (Institut Eurecom)

BiToS; Enhancing BitTorrent for Supporting Streaming Applications
Aggelos Vlavianos, Marios Iliofotou, Michalis Faloutsos (University of California Riverside)

On the Long-term Evolution of the Two-Tier Gnutella Overlay
Amir Hassan Rasti Ekbatani, Daniel Stutzbach, Reza Rejaie (University of Oregon)


Lunch Break (1h 30')


14:15 - 16:00 Session 3: Peer-to-Peer II

Take One Get One Free; Leveraging P2P Networks for Content Promotion
Himabindu Pucha, Sabyasachi Roy, Y. Charlie Hu (Purdue University)

DDC: A Dynamic and Distributed Clustering Algorithm for Networked Virtual Environments based on P2P networks Moritz Steiner, Ernst W. Biersack (Institut Eurecom)

Light-Weight Overlay Path Selection in a Peer-to-Peer Environment
Teng Fei, Shu Tao, Roch Guerin (Univ. of Pennsylvania), Lixin Gao (Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst),
Zhi-li Zhang (University of Minnesota)

Introducing CPU Time as a Scarce Resource in P2P Systems to Alleviate Freeriding in a Distributed DNS
Thomas Bocek, David Hausheer, Reinhard Riedl, Stiller Burkhard ( University of Zurich )


Coffee Break (30')


16:30 - 17:45 Session 4: Security

A Node Identity Internetworking Architecture
Bengt Ahlgren (SICS), Jari Arkko (Ericsson), Lars Eggert (NEC Network Laboratories), Jarno Rajahalme (Nokia)

Comparison Studies between Pre-Shared and Public Key Exchange Mechanisms for Transport Layer Security
Fang-Chun Kuo (University of Goettingen), Hannes Tschofenig (Corporate Technology, Siemens AG, Munich),
Fabian Meyer, Xiaoming Fu (University of Goettingen)

FONet ; A Federated Overlay Network for DoS Defense in the Internet: A Position Paper
Jinu Kurian, Kamil Sarac ( University of Texas at Dallas )


Day 2: Saturday, 29 April 2006


9:00 - 10:20 Session 5: Routing

Analyzing BGP ASPATH Behavior in the Internet
Dionysus Blazakis ( University of Maryland ), Manish Karir, John S.Baras (Merit Network Inc.)

Tunnel Vector; A New Routing Algorithm with Scalability
Cheng-Jia Lai (FX Palo Alto Laboratory), Richard Muntz (UCLA)

Taking Advantage of Multihoming with Session Layer Striping
Ahsan Habib (Siemens TTB), Nicolas Christin ( Carnegie Mellon University ),
John Chuang ( University of California Berkeley )


Coffee Break (30')


10:50 - 11:25 Session 6: Protocol Performance

Results of Large-Scale Queueing Delay Tomography Performed in the ETOMIC Infrastructure
Peter Matray, Gabor Simon, Jozsef Steger, Istvan Csabai, Gabor Vattay ( Eötvös University Budapest )

TCP NewReno Throughput in the Presence of Correlated Losses; The Slow-but-Steady Variant
Roman Dunaytsev ( Tampere University of Technology)

Analyzing the Receiver Window Modification Scheme of TCP Queues
Visvasuresh Victor Govindaswamy ( University of Texas )


Break (15')


11:40 - 13:00 Session 7: Routing and Traffic Management

Bandwidth Sharing with Primary Paths for Protection Routing in an MPLS Network
Faisal Aslam (Lahore University of Management Sciences), Saqib Raza (University of California, Davis),
Zartash Uzmi, Young-Chon Kim (Chonbuk National University)

Path Protection Routing with SRLG Constraints to Support IPTV in WDM Mesh Networks
Meeyoung Cha (KAIST), Wanpracha Art Chaovalitwongse ( Rutgers University ),
Zihui Ge, Jennifer Yates (AT&T Labs - Research), Sue Moon (KAIST)

A System for Explicit Rate Congestion Control in Multi-Protocol Label Switched Networks
Christopher Marty, Mohamed Ali ( City University of New York )



Symposium Co-chairs

Georg Carle, University of Tubingen, Germany
Pablo Rodriguez, Microsoft Research, Cambridge



Technical Program Committee

Kevin Almeroth

University of California , Santa Barbara

Ehab Al-Shaer

DePaul University

Bobby Bhattacharjee

Univ. of Maryland

Danny Bickson

The Hebrew University , Israel

Maria Calderón

University Carlos III, Madrid

Jon Crowcroft

University of Cambridge

Lars Eggert

NEC Network Laboratories
Aaron Falk ISI
Serge Fdida Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
Anja Feldmann Technical University Munich
Christos Gkantsidis Microsoft Research, Cambridge
Oliver Heckmann Technical University Darmstadt
Markus Hofmann Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies
David Hutchison Lancaster University
Magnus Karlsson HP Labs
Anne-Marie Kermarrec INRIA
Jorg Liebeherr University of Virginia
Laurent Mathy Lancaster University
Guillaume Pierre Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Thomas Plagemann University of Oslo
Reza Rejaie University of Oregon
Henning Schulzrinne Columbia University
James Sterbenz University of Massachusetts Amherst
Torsten Suel Polytechnic University
Don Towsley Univ of Massachusetts
Joe Touch USC-ISI
Craig Wills Worcester Polytechnic Institute

John Wroclawski


Call for papers